Stud fees


Season 2023

Insemination at Ecuries de Chevannes

Frozen semen: 160 € TTC (reservation) + 660 € TTC pregnancy fee due at birth (48h living foal guarantee) + 165 € TTC for technical costs

Fresh semen at Haras de Tamerville (50)

IAC : 160 € TTC for reservation + 660 € TTC foal at feet with a 48h living foal guarantee +  technical fee. Payment to be made at the reservation.

Insemination in another breeding center

Frozen semen: 160 € TTC (booking fee) + 660 € TTC (pregnancy fee due at birth with foal at foot guarantee) + 280 € TTC for technical costs

Insemination in any breeding center in Europe

1100 € TTC for 12 straws + shipping costs (on quotation)

Currently at EUROGEN, he is available, exceptionally and for a limited time, in fresh semen at the Haras de Tamerville (Manche, Normandy). For the rest of the season 2023, CHER EPOUX will be only available in frozen semen (IAC) because of its sport career.

CHER EPOUX belongs to the rare stallions labellised Original Selle Français. He is free of any foreign bloodline.

Cher Epoux is approved to produce in the following studbooks: Selle Français – Anglo-arabian – Half-arabian. He is also labellised  Recommanded for Eventing by France Complet.

Cher Epoux is free of equine infectious anaemia and equine viral arteritis.

Insemination centers: the frozen semen of CHER EPOUX can be shipped to any certified insemination center in France and Europe.

IMPORTANT ! Limited number of straws available in 2023!